kim KOPF K K w  o  r  k Shadowmaker				Lead - Shawn					TBA Experiment 77				Lead - Olivia West				TBA A Tennis Shoe In the Street		Lead - Willow Winters			Danny Foxx Delusional					Lead - Dr. Miranda Simms			Apple Road Films, Cammie Pavesic Blue Jasmine				Supporting -Flight Attendant Mary	Woody Allen Behind The Scenes	 		Lead - Jewely Spring 				Web Series	 Searching For Ron Ficus	 	Lead - Jannie					Apple Road Films, Alexander Enberg WALL-E	 				Supporting - Hoverchair Mother		PIXAR/Disney/Andrew Stanton	 Discipline	 				Supporting - The Hostess			Martin Mayo	 Big Time	 				Lead - Candy					HBO Comedy Festival: Tony Scott Exec. Prod.	 Theory Of The Leisure Class	Supporting - Vera				New York Indpnt Film Festival/Gabriel Bologna	 Zig Zag	 				Lead - Sierra					Cannes Film Festival/Allen Nause	 The Road	 				Lead - Deborah					J.D. Shapiro	 Stormswept	 			Lead - Marla					Paragon Pictures/David Marsh	 Dracula	 				Supporting - Bride				Francis Ford Coppola	 Badlanders	 			Lead - Shiba					Armand Gazarian	 Between Somewhere And Salinas	Lead - Jennifer					Ross Raventos	 Witchcraft 8: Salem's Ghost	Lead - MaryAnn Dunaway			Joseph John Barmettler	 	 	 	     Bruna in Beverly Hills		Lead - Sally Wright				Max Leonida Beverly Hills Pawn			Lead - Kim						Reelz TV Fat Actress	 			Supporting - Waitress				Showtime/Keith Truesdell	 Skin	 					Supporting - Stunt				FOX/Jerry Bruckheimer	 Hot Set	 				Lead - Kelly					Showtime/Jeff Kahn	 Horror Special Effects	 	Guest Star - Host				Discovery Channel	 Women In Red	 			Guest Star - Woman				Japan TV Miniseries	 One Life To Live	 			Supporting - Make Up Artist			ABC/David Pressman E! Spectacular	 			Host 							E! FILM TELEVISION H O M E A B O U T G A L L E R Y F O O T A G E W O R K L I N K S
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